Savage Axis

Previously named and marketed as Savage Edge, the Savage Axis is a centrefire, bolt-action rifle that is made for the entry-level user. It features a synthetic stock and a stainless steel or carbon steel barrel, finished in either matte black or camouflage. The Axis is available in 8 chamberings that also has left-handed models.

Basic Specifications
• Length – 43.875 inches
• Barrel Length – 22 inches
• Weight – 6.5 lbs.
• Rate of Twist – 9 to 12
• Magazine Capacity – 4 rounds in a detachable box magazine

Founded in 1894, Savage Arms, makers of the Savage Axis, has built a reputation for manufacturing affordable and accurate out-of-the-box rifles. And the Savage Axis definitely falls under that category. By using intelligent design to cut down on the expense of gun assembly without sacrificing efficiency, the Axis became the ideal firearm for the novice hunter, who considers price as a major decision point.

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Aside from its carbon or stainless steel barrel and synthetic stock, this centrefire rifle has a detachable box magazine, contoured grip, recoil pad, and swivel studs. It is also drilled and tapped for scope mounts. The free-floating barrel uses a screw-in mechanism with a locking nut which can be assembled even in zero head space. This also adds to the accuracy of the Savage Axis without too much effect on its cost.

One of the ways that this firearm is able to sell at a lower cost is doing away with the frills. Aside from being made with synthetic material–very economical compared to wood stocks–the stock of the Axis differs from many other rifles in that it doesn’t have a raised cheek piece. The stock’s hand grip has a simple 3-textured indentations and the forearm is slightly textured and contoured so the user can get a firm hold.

Savage Arms also did some assembly modifications on the recoil pad design to make it more efficient but cost-effective. The pad has a prominent crescent shape made of soft rubber and is thick in the middle. It also sports five cavities on both sides that further allow the rubber pad to absorb recoil.

One of the other things that Savage Arms skimped on the Axis is the trigger. It wasn’t built with their patented AccuTrigger, which most of their most expensive line has. This trigger was designed so that users can adjust the weight of the pull with a range of 1.5 to 6 pounds. The AccuTrigger also made a gun safer because even at the lowest trigger pull, the gun will not accidentally go off when bumped.

Because of this users complained that the Axis were on the heavy side of the trigger pull and some experienced a bit more creep than they wanted. The more experienced users will mount a different trigger to the rifle just so it can satisfy their requirement.

When it comes to the bolt, the Axis’ is also unique. It deviated from the typical 2-lug configuration that is used in many rifles. Savage Arms calls this design the floating bolt head, which actually is made of 2 pieces. The front part rotates when the handle is pulled down giving 100% engagement as the lug heads towards the receiver. The back part of the bolt stays to seal gasses that could leak if and when a primer breaks.

The Savage Axis also uses one receiver and magazine body for all calibres. To be able to compensate for this, the rifle uses a different trigger guard to adjust the size of the magazine opening and accommodate long or short action calibres.

In conclusion, the Savage Axis was ultimately designed for first timers and the occasional hunter or shooter. While it does not have the elements that make Savage Arms rifles that remarkable–such as the AccuTrigger and AccuStock–the Savage Axis still holds its own in terms of accuracy and efficiency.

Calibres available:

  • 22-250
  • 223
  • 243
  • 25-06
  • 270
  • 30-06
  • 308
  • 7mm-08

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