Savage Axis Youth

The Savage Axis line of rifles is a bolt-action, centrefire rifle that was previously named as the Savage Edge. The Savage Axis Youth, in particular, features a synthetic stock with a carbon steel barrel that is finished in matte black. This rifle is available in 3 chamberings or calibres that also has left-handed models.

Savage Axis Youth
Savage Axis Youth

Basic Specifications

  • Length – 40 inches
  • Barrel Length – 20 inches
  • Weight – 6.2 lbs.
  • Rate of Twist – 9, 9.25, and 9.5 inches
  • Magazine Capacity – 4 rounds in a detachable box magazine

The Savage Axis Youth is a rifle manufactured by Savage Arms. The company, which was founded in 1894, is known for producing one of the most inexpensive out-of-the-box rifles in the market. However, the affordability of the rifle does not affect its accuracy. Savage Arms simply made innovations in the way it manufactures its guns, thus making it a choice brand for the novice user who doesn’t want to spend that much money on his or her first gun.

Many video reviews of this particular rifle you’ll find online will be of young kids. Targeting the younger generation of shooters while also promoting responsible shooting, Savage Arms’ Axis Youth is lighter than most rifles coming in at just 6 pounds. This is also probably because the stock is shorter with the whole firearm measuring just 40 inches in total.

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The stock, which is finished in matte and comes in black, is also on the thinner side of the spectrum, allowing for an easier and more comfortable grip for the younger user. However, this can pose as a little problem for adult hunters and shooters. But because of its lighter weight, many prefer this rifle for hunting over terrain.

The blued barrel is made of carbon steel and is finished in matte, preventing glare as well as makes it more durable under any weather. The barrel is free floated, an important factor that ensures a gun’s accuracy at all times.

To lower the cost of this gun, some of the frills that usually comes with the more expensive Savage rifles was taken out. The signature AccuStock and AccuTrigger is visibly absent in the Axis Youth. But, again, the missing components does not affect the usability and accuracy of the rifle. It just makes it more accessible to users without that much cash to spend on a gun.

One of the cons of this rifle is that some users found is the trigger. As mentioned before, it does not come stocked with the AccuTrigger, meaning it is not adjustable. The Axis Youth’s trigger has a pull weight of around 5 pounds, which many find to be on the heavier side. And for an entry-level user this could pose as a big problem. Adjusting the trigger pull will take a lot more work and perhaps even professional help is needed.

When it comes to the bolt, the Savage Axis Youth’s is the similar to the trusted Savage 10/110, where the lug bears evenly on each side of the lug recess ensuring that there is consistent alignment of the bolt and cartridge.

The recoil lug is unique for the Axis Youth as it is not sandwiched between the receiver and barrel like in most rifles. Instead, it is inserted into the synthetic stock, which means that when the stock is taken out from the barrelled action, so does the recoil lug. This is also one of the complaints of many users, and most would have their rifles modified to remedy this issue.

The Savage Axis Youth’s detachable box magazine is well-designed in that it is easy to insert and remove. Among the rifles prized features includes an smooth receiver, a well-textured grip, and sling swivel studs.

To end, the Savage Axis Youth in an entry-level rifle designed for the new generation of shooters. And while it did some innovative engineering to keep production cost down and therefore the prices down, the Savage Axis Youth still upholds Savage Arms quality in terms of accuracy and efficiency.

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