Browning T-Bolt Composite Sporter

An improved and updated version of Browning’s classic T-Bolt design, the Winchester Browning T-Bolt Composite Sporter is a straight-pull action rimfire rifle that is ideal to use for small game hunting or informal target shooting. It carries the unique push-pull design that allows for fast cycling and a free-floating barrel with recessed crown that guarantees sharp accuracy. For shooters on the hunt for a rifle that offers quality precision and performance under various weather conditions, the Winchester Browning T-Bolt Composite Sporter is the one to choose.

Basic specifications

  • Length – 40 1/4″
  • Barrel Length – 22”
  • Weight – 4.9 lbs.
  • Range of Twist – 1 in 9”
  • Magazine Capacity – 10 rounds in a Double Helix rotary magazine

The Winchester Browning T-Bolt Composite Sporter is a re-introduced T-Bolt rimfire rifle originally designed by Browning Arms. This firearm shares its name with Winchester, as both the Browning and Winchester brands are owned by Fabrique Nationale (FN) of Belgium. Browning rifles are also distributed under the Winchester brand.

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The T-Bolt Composite Sporter rifle comes in 17 HMR, 22 LR, and 22 WMR calibres. It utilizes Browning’s pioneering T-Bolt action, which features a unique push-forward and pull-back design. Its crossbolt lockup has an improved pivot point for a smooth action. Cocking effort is split between opening and closing the action. Compared to the traditional rotating bolt action, the push-pull system makes for a fast and easy cycling that allows for great handling even for young and novice shooters. A one-piece dual extractor with integral spring offers reliable ejection.

For the stock, the T-Bolt Composite Sporter’s is made of lightweight glass fibre reinforced polymer in matte black. It has a narrow profile that some users deem too skinny, but otherwise make the rifle easier to lug around. The composite stock also provides superior protection from warping and swelling, which usually happens to wood stocks when exposed to extreme weather conditions. Its finish prevents slipping to give users a comfortable grip in cold or wet environments. Moreover, a storage space for a spare magazine is found at the stock’s buttplate, which is built to be tough to allay worries of the extra magazine getting muddied or damaged.

The rifle’s barrel is a medium sporter, free-floating, semi-match chamber that is hand-cut, and comes with a recessed crown for enhanced accuracy at 100 yards or more. The receiver, machined from steel barstock, has a blued finish and is drilled and tapped to accommodate scope mounts. The safety on the T-Bolt Composite Sporter is a 2-position top tang that is easy to operate without having to remove one’s grip on the rifle — a flick of the thumb forward for “fire” and reverse for “safe”. It is sited on the rifle in such a way that it does not distract the shooter’s line of sight.

One of the prominent features of the Winchester Browning T-Bolt is the 3-lever trigger design. Together with a short-travel firing pin, it gives a light and crisp break, quick lock time, and minimal overtravel. The trigger’s weight of pull comes at 4 lbs. out of the box, and is externally adjustable. Its aesthetics — gold-tone trigger with black trigger guard and housing — is praiseworthy, more so the trigger’s superb pinpoint accuracy.

Another notable attribute of the T-Bolt Composite Sporter is its 10-round Double Helix magazine. It has a torsion spring rotary design with interlocking gear that guarantees the correct timing is maintained and the cartridge is aligned for smooth and consistent feeding. The Double Helix boasts rounded exterior contours, twin gripping grooves, tapered shape, and a slightly extended baseplate design. It is actually slimmer, lighter, and easier to use than the usual rotary rimfire magazine.

This updated and improved version of the T-Bolt is an excellent shooter that is ideal for small game hunters and casual plinkers due to its outstanding accuracy and performance in any weather condition. Its straight-pull action is slick and fast to operate. Users observe, however, that the bolt is not locked even if the rifle is set to “safe” and can open if it were to catch and pull on something. But as long as shooters ensure the safety position and handle the firearm well, The Winchester Browning T-Bolt Composite Sporter makes for a great rifle on the field.

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