Tikka T3 Hunter Stainless Steel

Whether for hunting or sport-shooting, the Tikka T3 Hunter Stainless is the rifle to bring along. It is truly an eye-catcher in looks and performance: oil-finished walnut stock mated with a hammer-forged barrel made of premium-grade stainless steel, and remarkable accuracy and slick operation in any weather condition. The T3 Hunter Stainless comes in a wide range of action and calibre selection, to cater to the preferences of all shooters and gun enthusiasts.

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Basic specifications (depending on calibre)

  • Length – 1080 to 1130 mm
  • Barrel Length – 510 to 620 mm
  • Weight – 3 to 3.2 kg
  • Range of Twist – 8” to 14” depending on calibre
  • Magazine Capacity – 3 to 4 shots in a single column plastic magazine
Tikka T3 Hunter Stainless Steel
Tikka T3 Hunter Stainless Steel

The Tikka T3 Hunter Stainless combines superb performance and classic style in a single bolt-action rifle. It utilises the same features of the popular Tikka T3 line, but with a few enhancements to make it an ideal firearm for either hunting or sport-shooting, and in any weather condition.


  • 204 Ruger
  • 222 Rem
  • 223 Rem
  • 22-250 Rem
  • 243 Win
  • 260 Rem
  • 7mm-08 Rem
  • 308 Win
  • 270 Win Short Mag
  • 300 Win Short Mag
  • 25-06 Rem
  • 6.5×55 SE
  • 270 Win
  • 30-06
  • 8x57IS
  • 9.3×62
  • 7mm Rem Mag
  • 300 Win Mag
  • 338 Win Mag

On the outside, the T3 Hunter Stainless is gorgeous: the oiled stock made of premium-grain walnut is matched with the free-floating hammer-forged barrel crafted from the highest grade stainless steel. The barrel may come in a fluted variation that offers lightness, a sporty look, and a larger cooling surface. The pistol grip and fore-end have checkering for an easier and more comfortable grasp. An adjustable butt plate system and ambidextrous palm swell are among the other features of this Tikka firearm.

Over and above looks, the action is something to love about the T3 Hunter Stainless. The rifle’s rigid yet smooth action has a two-lug push-feed bolt with a Sako extractor and a spring-loaded plunger ejector. The easy-to-dismantle, removable bolt handle has a 70-degree opening angle to provide ample room for handling. The T3 Hunter Stainless also has a single-stage trigger mechanism with the factory setting on 4 lbs that can be adjusted down to 2 lbs. The steel trigger also has grooves that add a non-slip grip. The rifle comes with a two-stage safety that blocks both the trigger and bolt handle; it is integrated into the trigger housing with a thumb catch on the right side of the bridge. This type of safety allows the bolt to be opened to remove a live round from the chamber. Two red dots located behind the safety button and the cocking piece indicate when the rifle is ready for firing.

The top of the action is drilled and tapped to accommodate standard scope bases, and integral rails for mounts are also provided. Sling swivel bases and a solid rubber recoil pad come as standard.

The Tikka T3 Hunter Stainless utilises a detachable plastic magazine that can hold 3 to 4 rounds, depending on the calibre. Users, though, have to make sure that the magazine is successfully seated — a loud “click!” will be heard — or else it will fall out when working the bolt. Comments have also been made regarding the use of plastic for the magazine as opposed to the traditional metal, but an advantage of this is that there won’t be any worries of rust ruining the magazine.

Of course, much praise for the T3 Hunter Stainless is due to the fact that, as with other Tikka T3 rifles, it provides optimum shooting precision straight from the box. And because of its stainless steel action and barrel, it is a great firearm to use in even harsh weather conditions. Moreover, cleaning the T3 Hunter Stainless is a breeze, as the rifle offers ease of disassembly and reassembly.

The Tikka T3 Hunter Stainless is popular not just because of its superb action and amazing performance in the field, but also because of its affordable cost. Compared to the high-quality rifles of the brand that also manufactures Tikka, the T3 has the same features and accuracy without the high price point. The T3 Hunter Stainless comes in various actions and calibres as well, more than the usual rifles in the market, to cater to a wide range of hunters, shooters, and gun enthusiasts.

Accuracy, durability, and the ability to withstand any weather condition — all these features, packaged in a beautiful blend of wood and steel, is what makes the Tikka T3 Hunter Stainless stand out from all the rifles in the market today.

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