Remington Model 700 BDL

Accuracy and dependability is the trademark of the Remington Model 700 rifle. In fact, when it comes to these two aspects, it is the gold standard by which other centrefire rifles are measured. This hunting firearm is favoured for its strong and smooth action. It is made with high-gloss walnut stock accentuated with a black fore-end cap and skipline cut checkering. It features the X-Mark Pro Trigger which has zero creep and unparalleled shot control.


Basic Specifications (dependent on calibre):

  • Length – 41 5/8” to 46 ½”
  • Barrel Length – 22” to 24”
  • Weight – 7.25 lbs. to 7.625 lbs.
  • Rate of twist – 9 1/8” to 10”
  • Magazine Capacity – 3, 4, and 5 rounds with detachable magazine

Remington’s Model 700 series are centrefire, bolt-action rifles that was designed by Mike Walker and made by Remington Arms. It is one of the most popular rifles in the world with more than 5 million manufactured. It has been used by civilians and the military and police for years.

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The Remington Model 700 BDL in particular is a variant made for civilian use and is recommended for general hunting. The bolt-action rifle was introduced by Remington in 1962 and has since grown to include more than 30 sub-variants. The 700 BDL is regarded as one of the deluxe models like the 700 CDL. However, the BDL is differentiated by its Monte Carlo stock and raised cheekpiece, as well as having sights.

The stock BDL model features American walnut in high-gloss finish, carbon-steel barrel with polished blue finish, checkered fore-end, and padded butt. It is equipped with the company’s patented X-Mark Pro Trigger, an adjustable trigger system that has a pull weight of 3.5 pounds. It has 2 pounds of adjustment available externally to suit the particular needs of the user. The Remington Model 700 BDL is also fitted with an adjustable rear and front sights, as well as hinged floorplate magazine.

According to Remington, the BDL action forms 3 rings of steel, which means that it uses a push-feed action. The bolt forces the round in the direction of the chamber but the extractor doesn’t grab the cartridge until the bolt is fully forward and locked. With this, the smoothness of the action remains unaffected.

Moreover, Remington boasts that the Model 700 BDL’s receiver is milled from a singular piece of solid steel which makes it more resistant to wear and tear. Having a more durable receiver means it can absorb more force from the initial explosion.

 The Model 700 BDL comes in these calibres:

  • 243 Win with a weight of 7.25 lbs. and 22-inch barrel
  • 270 Win with a weight of 7.375 lbs. and 22-inch barrel
  • 30-06 Springfield weighing 7.375 lbs. and also has a 22-inch barrel
  • 7mm Remington Mag weighing 7.5 lbs. and 24-inch barrel
  • 300 Remington Ultra Mag with a weight of 7.625 lbs. and 26-inch barrel

Despite its very positive reviews and popularity among users, the Remington Model 700’s adjustable triggers might pose a problem for some. When done incorrectly, the gun could misfire. This means the learning curve for the rifle is higher. A new user would have to employ a professional gunsmith to do the tinkering for them.


One of the major issues that faced Remington was the rifle’s trigger. Many users complained of misfiring without even pressing the trigger or having a finger near the trigger. According to them thegun is especially susceptible when taking the safety off or when chambering a new round and then closing the bolt.

The latest complaint received about the Remington Model 700 is the quality of its newer models. Many of the hardcore fans have voiced their disappointment over the declining superiority of the rifles, preferring instead to purchase older-made models whose quality they can trust.

There are also a couple of issues regarding the Remington Model 700’s bolts falling off and the extractor failing. However, most have associated this with the fact that most of the Remington rifles in question have been used for many years.

Even with all these issues encountered with the Remington Model 700, users have been consistent in praising its durability and accuracy. And it remains as one the most favoured hunting guns out there.

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